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N. N. 21 Stenka Rasin Germana Arg-1038-478 2010-03-09 15:31 Manfred nur tiun aldonu
Frieder Weigold Sten'ka Razin Esperanto Arg-928-478 2009-10-30 16:18 mgr nur tiun aldonu
Tr. Jacob Robbins Sten'ka Razin Angla 1921 Arg-1039-478 2010-03-09 17:06 Manfred nur tiun forigu
Kristian Langgaard Volga, Volga (Stenjka Rasin) Esperanto Arg-1036-478 2010-03-08 21:19 Manfred nur tiun aldonu
N. N. 20 Volga, Volga (Stenka Rasin) Danish Arg-1037-478 2010-03-08 12:16 Manfred nur tiun aldonu
Дмитрий Николаевич Садовников * Из-за острова на стрежень (Стенька Разин) Rusa Arg-927-478 2010-03-07 18:59 Manfred nur tiun aldonu

Дмитрий Николаевич Садовников,
Sten'ka Razin

tradukita de Tr. Jacob Robbins
1. From beyond the wooded island
To the river wide and free
Proudly sailed the arrow-breasted
Ships of Cossack yeomanry.
2. On the first is Stenka Razin
With a princess at his side,
|: Drunken, holds a marriage revel
With his beautiful young bride. :|
3. But behind them rose a whisper,
"He has left his sword to woo;
|: One short night, and Stenka Razin
Has become a woman too!" :|
4. Stenka Razin hears the jeering
Of his discontented band,
|: And the lovely Persian princess
He has circled with his hand. :|
5. His black brows have come together
As the waves of anger rise,
|: And the blood comes rushing swiftly
To his piercing, jet-black eyes. :|
6. "I will give you all you ask for,
Life and heart, and head and hand,"
|: Echo rolls the pealing thunder
Of his voice across the land. :|
7. "Volga, Volga, mother Volga,
Deep and wide beneath the sun,
|: You have never seen a present
From the Cossack of the Don. :|
8. And that peace might rule as always
All my free-born men and brave,
|: Volga, Volga, mother Volga,
Volga, make this girl a grave." :|
9. With a sudden, mighty movement,
Razin lifts the beauty high,
|: And he casts her where the waters
Of the Volga move and sigh. :|
10. Now a silence like the grave sinks
To all those who stand to see,
|: And the battle-hardened Cossacks
Sink to weep on bended knee. :|
11. "Dance, you fool, and men, make merry!
What has got into your eyes?
|: Let us thunder out a chanty
Of a place where beauty lies." :|
12. From beyond the wooded island
To the river wide and free,
|: Proudly sail the arrow-breasted
Ships of Cossack yeomanry. :|
Traduko de la Rusa poemo "Из-за
острова на стрежень
(Стенька Разин)" de Дмитрий
Николаевич Садовников
(Dmitrij Nikolajeviĉ Sadownikow, *1847
- †1883) en la Anglan de Tr. Jacob
Robbins en 1921.

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