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Heinrich Heine * Die Lorelei Germana 1823 Arg-2-2 2014-04-23 18:09 Manfred nur tiun aldonu
Hans-Georg Kaiser Lorelay Esperanto Arg-564-2 2005-02-03 19:18 Manfred nur tiun aldonu
Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof Lorelej Esperanto Arg-565-2 2009-10-30 16:15 mgr nur tiun aldonu
Leopold Elb Lorelej' Esperanto Arg-71-2 2005-02-03 19:06 Manfred nur tiun aldonu
Joachim Gießner Lorelejo Esperanto Arg-1115-2 2010-09-15 12:51 Manfred nur tiun aldonu
N. N. 01 Lurleia Latina Arg-179-2 2010-02-11 14:00 Manfred nur tiun aldonu
Paul Gottfried Christaller [Ne scias mi, kio okazis] Esperanto Arg-1116-2 2010-09-13 10:03 Manfred nur tiun aldonu
Mark Twain The Lorelei Angla Arg-11-2 2003-10-13 04:42 mgr nur tiun aldonu
L. W. Garnham The Lorelei Angla Arg-14-2 2003-10-11 23:04 mgr nur tiun forigu

Heinrich Heine,
The Lorelei

tradukita de L. W. Garnham
I do not know what it signifies.
That I am so sorrowful?
A fable of old Times so terrifies,
Leaves my heart so thoughtful.
The air is cool and it darkens,
And calmly flows the Rhine;
The summit of the mountain hearkens
In evening sunshine line.
The most beautiful Maiden entrances
Above wonderfully there,
Her beautiful golden attire glances,
She combs her golden hair.
With golden comb so lustrous,
And thereby a song sings,
It has a tone so wondrous,
That powerful melody rings.
The shipper in the little ship
It effects with woe sad might;
He does not see the rocky slip,
He only regards dreaded height.
I believe the turbulent waves
Swallow the last shipper and boat;
She with her singing craves
All to visit her magic moat.
Traduko de la Germana poemo "Die Lorelei"
de Heinrich Heine (*1797-12-13 -
†1856-02-17) en la Anglan de L. W.

L.W. Garnham, Bachelor of Arts, LEGENDS
mentioned in: A Tramp Abroad. Vol 1-2.
Leibzig: Tauchnitz, 1880 Band I, Mark
Twain 1880